Copyright Transfer/Checklist

Authorโ€™s Checklist

The KOSME requires the corresponding author of a submitted paper to sign the checklist to make sure that you have already noticed Regulations of Submission, Research Ethics, and Enforcement Rules. After confirming the items below, please sign each checkbox, before the submission of the manuscript.

1st. About Regulation of Research Ethics and Copyright

  1. All the authors of the manuscript are well-informed of KOSME Regulations of Research Ethics and Enforcement Rules.
  2. The manuscript is creative and do not infringe upon the copyright of other papers. It is the responsibility ofauthor(s) to secure all necessary copyright permissions for the use of 3rd-party materials in their manuscript.
  3. The manuscript is not published or submitted to another Journal.

The authors confirm the above _______ โ–ก

2nd. Format

  1. The format of the manuscript is written in accordance with the form that is provided from KOSME.
  2. Contents that can estimate authorsโ€™ information are not included in the manuscript.
  3. Every academic terminology in the manuscript is written in standard terminology.
  4. All the participation roles of the authors are written in the manuscript.
  5. The title of the manuscript is described in English.
  6. Abstract is described in English.
  7. Keywords Must be 5 or so and written in English while the first letter of each word Must be capitalized.
  8. Chapters and Sections in the body are described in accordance with the submission regulations.
  9. References that are quoted in the body are formatted in accordance with the submission regulations.
  10. In case that tables and figures are quoted in the body , the information is written in English with parentheses.
  11. All tables and figures are described in accordance with the submission regulations.
  12. All numbers of the tables and figures are described in accordance with the submission regulations.
  13. All tables and figures are vivid and described thoroughly.
  14. All formulas are described in accordance with the submission regulations.
  15. All the numbers of the formulas are numbered sequentially and positioned at the right end in the text.

The authors confirm the above _______ โ–ก

3rd. Reference and Acknowledgement

  1. References are certainly quoted in the text.
  2. References are numbered sequentially as they appear in the text.
  3. References are all written in English.
  4. The names of journals or academic conferences in references are written in full names, except forauthorized abbreviations.
  5. The fact about research benefit on the manuscript is described in the acknowledgement.
  6. The fact that the manuscript is related to a graduate or master's or doctoral dissertation is described in the acknowledgement.

The authors confirm the above _______ โ–ก

Research Ethics Compliance Pledge

Title of Paper :

Author :

On behalf of the authors of the above paper, we pledge that we have composed the paper corresponding to the Korea Marine Engineering Associationโ€™s research ethics regulations, enforcement rules and so on; in particular, we pledge the following.

  1. I have not committed forgery, including the creation of non-existent data or research results and the recording or reporting of such.
  2. I have not manipulated research-related materials, equipment, and processes, nor modified or excluded research data or results, or falsified data such that they do not conform to the truth.
  3. I have not plagiarized material (either intentionally or otherwise), either by presenting othersโ€™ ideas or the whole or part of a literary work as my research results or claims without appropriate citation (including cases where a different language is used).
  4. The order of the list of co-authors has been accurately marked and reflects the extent to which each co-author contributed directly or indirectly to the research, regardless of their relative status. In other words, there are no unethical issues in the context of the list of co-authors.
  5. There has been no attempt to publish or issue the whole or part of a paper that has already been issued or published (including papers waiting to be published or reviewed) in the same or different language without exact citations and quotations. In the case that the paper is suspected of duplicate or double publishing, I have obtained the consent of the copyright holder or provided information on previous publications to the editorial board or research ethics committee of the academic journals in which I wish to publish, and confirmed whether they can be classified as duplicate or double publishing.
  6. I will accept comments from the reviewers presented in the course of the paperโ€™s review and try to reflect them in the paper as far as possible. However, if I do not agree with the comments from the reviewers, I will present evidence and reasons for this to the editorial committee.


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