Aims and Scope

The JOURNAL of Advanced Marine Engineering and Technology (JAMET) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Korean Society of Marine Engineering (KOSME) that is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization founded, in 1976, to disseminate knowledge and information of Marine Engineering and to promote communication among Marine Engineers all around the globe. Expected readers are marine-related officers, researchers, students, and companies all around the world. Thus, the journal covers the latest research concerned with all aspects of marineโ€“related topics. Particular interest of the journal includes, but is not limited to: ships and shipping equipments, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, and international standards on offshore and shipbuilding. This journal indexed in KCI (Print ISSN 2234-7925, Online ISSN 2765-4796) has been published continuously since 1977, changed in 2005 from ISSN 1226-9549, in 2020 from eISSN 2234-8352.